Teams for Kids

Host a birthday party for us!
Our new birthday invitation platform offers the perfect solution for kids to get involved and help our cause.

Create Your Invitation

Convenient for parents. Great for kids. Incredibly appreciated by Teams for Kids!

It works just like an evite, but functions as a beautiful lesson.


Create & Teach

Create your invitation with the easy to use app. Explain to your child that this is a way for them to help others in need, but also get a Visa Gift card to buy a gift that he/she really wants.


Track & Split

Track RSVPs and monetary gifts, guests are prompted to give donations instead of wrapped gifts. After the party, KCGT sends us a check for half and a Visa Gift card to your child.

Create Your Invitation

Is your party coming up?


Create Your Reminder

Is your party not for awhile?

What we do and how your donation will help.

Teams For Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money to enable children from homeless and low-income families in New Jersey to play recreational sports. All donations directly cover the costs of team registration, sports equipment, and uniforms/apparel for children residing at homeless shelters and in low-income housing programs. We have witnessed first hand that actions as small as buying a new pair of track sneakers or practicing with a team after school can make a huge difference in the life of a child. It is our goal to bring more underprivileged kids off of the sidelines and into the game.


Talk to your child about sharing half the money with our charity and they receive a Visa Gift card. Everybody wins!

Add Pic & Quote

Add party details, a picture and a quote about the chosen charity in your child's own words. As you hear their words, you will see their heart.

Track Responses

Watch your child's reaction to their good deed as you track gift totals, RSVPs and messages from your guests. KCGT takes care of the entire invitation process, including notifications and reminders.

Give & Receive

Feel great about your kid giving half to our cause. The certificate helps them remember and the Visa gift card lets them pick the perfect present.