Our charity birthday invitation platform beautifully manages parties and inspires kids to give back.

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Track RSVPs and monetary gifts, instead of wrapped presents. After the party, we send a check to the charity and a Visa gift card to your child.

Kids Can Give Too is connecting families, charities and party places with our unique birthday invitations and everybody is winning!

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Not too long ago, I was attending 4 or 5 birthday parties a month with my 3 young kids. I wasted hundreds of dollars on presents that kids didn't even want and timely RSVPs were often a fail. I knew somewhere in all of this birthday party madness,
there had to be a better way.
Barb Royal, Founder Kids Can Give Too, Inc.

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Teach about giving while your kids still receive a present and easily manage your invites & RSVPs.

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Raise significant funds from kids sharing half of their birthday money with your charity.

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Provide your customers with an easy to use invitation service with marketing features just for you.

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