We make it possible for kids all over the country to share half of their birthday gift money with your charity.

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Kids Can Give Too makes it easy for charities to raise significant funds and spread awareness for their cause. The average party raises $350 which is $175 donation
...with just one party.

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Once you're in, kids and parents can see your charity profile, learn about your cause and choose your charity for gift sharing as they are creating their KCGT birthday invitation.

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Kids and parents can choose your charity on our site or you can blast out your custom landing page to your fans, followers and lists, so they can click a link right from there.

Receive Money

When party guests RSVP, they give a monetary gift at the same time. After the party, we send a check for half the total amount collected to the charity & the birthday kid gets a Visa card.

Make Friends

Birthday kids, party guests and their families from all over the U.S will develop awareness and a connection to your cause...choosing you again for their next birthday party.

My Charity Is Interested

We have raised thousands of dollars for Lucy's Love Bus with Kids Can Give Too, and we love supporting a platform where kids are learning how to give back in a meaningful way."
Beecher Grogan, Co-founder Lucy's Love Bus

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