A unique birthday invitation that manages the RSVPs and the Gifts, so your kid:
1. Donates to charity and learns about giving
2. Gets a Visa gift card to pick out a present

Create Your Invitation

It works like an evite, but functions as a beautiful lesson.

Create Together

Choose a charity together as you create the invitation. This is a conversation starter to learn what your child cares about.

Add Pic & Quote

Add party details, a picture and a quote about the chosen charity in your child's own words. As you hear their words, you will see their heart.

Track Responses

Watch your child's reaction to their good deed as you track gift totals, RSVPs and messages from your guests.

Give & Receive

Feel great about your kid giving half to charity. The certificate helps them remember their contribution and the gift card gets them the perfect present.

Create Your Invitation

Is your party coming up?


Create Your Reminder

Is your party not for awhile?

Our invitations are where the magic happens!

Guests RSVP and give a gift that will be split with a charity all at the same time.
Done, Done and Done!

*This sample shows only the top of a Kids Can Give Too invitation. The party details, RSVP and donation
section are located on the bottom of the invitation not shown.